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Model KD-BOX from Goldshell mining Kadena algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 1.6Th/s for a power consumption of 205W.

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Goldshell KD-BOX mines Kadena, a highly profitable coin for the year 2021. The miner, slated to be beneficial starting 2022, is the miner of choice for beginners. We have all the juicy details showing why this miner is the right one for you. It uses the Kadena Algorithm and has a maximum power consumption of 205W. The maximum hashrate is 1.6 Th/s which is high considering the maximum power. Learn more in our clear GOLDSHELL KD-BOX Miner Review.

About Goldshell KD-BOX

In an actual sense, the miner looks like a box. It has the same physical appearance as the KD miner line. We have a miner capable of mining only one coin, and thus, the high hashrate. There are no mining pools for the KDA coin.

When you look at it, the miner seems more compact than the predecessor, KD miners. We have a manufacturer keen on selling miners on a large scale. The miner is perfect for large-scale mining, thanks to its physicality.

There’s also the mention of size and weight. The miner comes in a size of 150*180*85mm. To use the miner effectively, you have to use it under a maximum of 12V. You wonder where the miner gets the power to make 1.6 Th/s of hashrate.

It’s highly profitable, thanks to the rise of the Kadena coin. You also get a miner that lowers electricity costs for miners. These are some of the miners to go for when investing with crypto mining especially, newbies.

Algorithm KD-BOX Goldshell Miner

Thanks to the Blake2S algorithm, it helps support ASIC Mining. Block rewards for Kadena get re-adjusted every six months. So you can mine Kadena for approximately 120 years. And this makes the coin highly sort after by miners.

Kadena aims to build a developer-friendly and scalable public Blockchain. It aims to provide a similar security level to Bitcoin and other major coins. The algorithm uses a novel consensus model, proof of work.

For those looking to profit long-term, Kadena is the coin for you. The KADENA algorithm uses the proof of work method dubbed Chainweb. It also uses a new smart contract language commonly referred to as Pact.

Efficiency of the Kadena Miner

The miner comes with an efficiency of 0.128j/Gh. So what we have is a miner that puts the power to work. Thanks to high efficiency, miners can mine one coin faster. It also helps reduce electricity costs.

You get a miner with one of the lowest electricity rates in the industry. Thanks to its attractive features, it’s a miner that most home miners would use. The Goldshell KD-BOX is a miner that’s useful and easy to set up.

Hashrate of Goldshell KD-BOX

The miner comes with a hashrate of 1.6 Th/s. Again, for such a small miner, we have to give props for the high hashrate. With a high hashrate, it means solving block puzzles with ease. And this is music to every miner’s ears.

High hashrate will give you a chance to mine Kadena faster. And this is impressive considering the maximum power is 205W. We have a miner wonder, all thanks to the improved KD miner box.

Humidity and Temperature details

For the miner to work effectively and longer, you must put it under optimal conditions. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended settings for humidity and temperature. We also like the mine for being low on noise. Thirty-five decibels is what you get.

Profitability Goldshell KD-BOX

The miner comes with a profitability of $12 daily, which is 2022. The miner has a daily electricity expense of -$0.59. It’s the best miner for KDA, with your running costs at a maximum low.


Period /Day /Month /Year
Income $9.01 $270.30 $3,288.65
Electricity $0.49 $14.70 $178.85
Profit $8.52 $255.60 $3,109.80


Algorythm Hashrate Consumption Efficiency Profitability
Kadena 1.6Th/s±5% 205W±5% 0.128j/Gh $8.52/day 

Goldshell KD-BOX Specs & Features

Manufacturer Goldshell
Model KD-BOX
Release May 2021
Top Coin Kadena
Size 150 x 180 x 85mm
Noise level 35db
Fan(s) 2
Power 205W
Voltage 12V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 °C – 45 °C
Humidity 5 % – 95 %


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